Pregnancy Announcement ideas with Pets

Pregnancy Announcement ideas with Pets

Announcing your pregnancy is an exciting moment for the family. Of course we don't want our beloved paw friends left behind! At Pixie and Elf, we have baby one pieces that can make sure your pet pals have a part in the pregnancy reveal!

Why Choose a Protected by One Piece?

There are several reasons why a protected by one piece is a great choice for dog owners:

  1. Cute and Memorable: The cartoon photo of your dog breed adds a cute and memorable touch to your new baby’s onepiece. Its like a timeline when your furry friend was there at a time your child was still a baby.
  2. Personalisation: By including the names of your dogs, you can create a personalised one piece that truly represents your beloved pets.
  3. Protection: The "protected by" message on the piece also says your new bubba is always being watched and cared for by their furry siblings. 
  4. Conversation Starter: This unique one piece is bound to catch the attention of friends and families and is a great conversation starter. It allows you to share stories and memories of your dogs with others.

Natural one piece with dog breed outlined photos and their names and a text New Bestfriend and baby's due date.

Natural one piece with three dog breed's coloured cartoon with their names and a text Protected by

How to Get a Protected by One Piece?

Getting a protected by one piece for your dog breed is easy:

  1. Pixie and Elf has a variety of one pieces for your pet dogs ranging from "Protected by" and "New Best friend".
  2. Choose Your Dog Breed: Enter the dog breed that you want to feature on the piece in the box. Whether you have a Labrador Retriever, a German Shepherd, or a French Bulldog, there is a wide range of options available.
  3. Provide the Names: Provide the names of your dogs to be included in the illustration. This adds a personal touch and makes the piece truly unique to your family.
  4. Place Your Order: Make sure to provide any specific instructions or preferences you may have. We will send you a draft for approval before we print them. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to capture a cute and memorable moment with your dog as a way to announce your pregnancy. A protected by one piece with a cartoon photo of your dog breed and their names is the perfect choice to showcase your love and pride for your growing family. Order yours today and create a lasting memory for your family!

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