About Us

Pixie and Elf is a Sydney based one-stop shop for top quality and sustainable apparel with a focus on quality graphic T shirts. With the help of various artists and our very own designs, we were able to create a collection of T shirts that stands out in the crowd. We are employing high-end technological advancements and provide worldwide access to our customers at prices that are both affordable and durable. We have beautifully crafted pieces that have been designed to last - so you can enjoy it for as long as possible.  

Sustainable products from reliable sources make us proud to be part of the modern T Shirt industry and is why we strive to deliver great service at all times. Our T shirt‘s are all ethically sourced and 100 % cotton, safe for you and the environment. 

Our customer’s satisfaction comes first and we value your loyalty with us. If you love one or two of our T shirts, please come back to give us a review and help our shop grow.

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